Danny & Jois

A surprise destination wedding in Toledo

Alright, buckle up because Danny and Jois just redefined wedding goals with a surprise destination wedding in Toledo, Spain. Picture this power couple: Danny, the embodiment of sweetness, and Jois, a living doll with boundless energy. Together, they decided to throw a wedding so epic, it left everyone questioning the reality of love itself

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DJ's: Julien Simmons / Joya Blaauw / Nelson Sio

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The Story

Danny and Jois’ guests were no strangers to the fact that they were flying to Madrid for the wedding – but here’s the kicker – they had no clue where exactly it was going down. Everyone gathered in Madrid, as a bus rolled up and whisked them away to the breathtaking Cigarral de las Mercedes in Toledo – a place that sounds like it’s straight out of a fairytale.

This oasis boasted views of the old town of Toledo, various dreamy settings, and a pool ready to host the most epic chill (and hangover) sessions ever. Three days of fully getting away from society to completely immerse in Danny and Jois’s wedding adventure.

Day one kicked off with a sunset dinner, followed by a karaoke party. Everyone looked stunning because of the 50 shades of peach and tangerine theme. With a guest list that’s mostly from Amsterdam and the other part Chinese and Malaysian party people, you just knew this evening wasn’t going to be a random preparty. We can safely say the karaoke got WILD, and everyone was warmed up very well for the wedding day to come.

Fast forward to day two, the wedding day. Danny and Jois got ready in separate villas with their friends/cousins. While the vibe was relaxed, you could notice their nerves were growing.

After an emotional and adorable first look, it was time for the real thing. The wedding ceremony was conducted by none other than their best friend, Joyce. It’s always so personal and special when a friend tells the couple’s story; we love it! After sealing the deal, it was time to toast to the newlyweds, make some group pictures, and set off for the video shoot. We had a session at the old bridge of Toledo during the hottest moment of the day. Poor Danny was literally melting in his suit, but the footage is soooo well worth it (and meltdown-free). Kudos, Danny, kudos.

Dinner, with stunning views of Toledo, was accompanied by speeches that spilled the love tea on just how amazing Danny and Jois are. Tears flowed like a river, even those who thought they could resist ended up with wet eyes. Thank goodness for sunglasses! Dinner ended with a big surprise bang (no idea how fireworks all of a sudden were in the air), and this was the perfect cue to start the party.

And as we mentioned before, this crowd knows how to party! Because you can take Amsterdammers out of the club, but you can’t take the club out of the Amsterdammers. Wigs got out, shots were shotting, and the dances got creative. Everyone (and we really mean everyone) unleashed their inner party animals. If you think the party ended when the plugs got pulled from the DJ booth, think again – because there ain’t no party without an afterparty!

Waking up the next day, the crew was undoubtedly grateful for the lack of a rigorous program. Hangovers were cured poolside while debriefing the previous day’s antics. The third day was sealed with a BBQ to close these epic days together.

And that’s the tale of Danny and Jois’ exceptional destination wedding in Toledo – a wedding rollercoaster that transcended borders, brought people from all walks of life together, and left everyone craving their own uncharted love adventure. Cheers to the newlyweds and the wild ride that was their wedding!

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