Adam & Yeliz

From Qatar's Deserts to Amsterdam's Canals: A Fun & Wild Party Wedding

People flew over from all wind directions to be part of this epic Amsterdam wedding. From the desserts of Qatar to the pituresque Amsterdam, this wedding had it all! Pranks, tears, laughter, jokes, surprises and endless dancing. It was wild, it was fun, and it was truly unforgettable!

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The Story

This wedding was an absolute blast, a whirlwind of festivities that stretched all the way from the dazzling desert of Qatar to the picturesque canals of Amsterdam. And when we say “party,” we mean an epic, no-holds-barred, unforgettable celebration that had everyone dancing their hearts out from the get-go.

The day kicked off with a boat cruise along the enchanting Amsterdam canals. While the gorgeous bride, Yeliz, was busy pampering herself and having a blast with her squad of cousins-turned-bridesmaids at a swanky hotel, all the guests were convinced they’d be picking her up at a dock midway through the cruise.

But as they arrived at the designated spot, they were greeted by an unexpected sight – Yeliz, or so they thought, dressed up like a bride and enthusiastically waving at them. To everyone’s shock, she dramatically plunged into the water with a splash! Little did they know, the real Yeliz was high and dry at an entirely different location and it was one of the (bomb-ass) wedding planners who sacrificed herself to this prank. Talk about a prank of epic proportions!

The wedding ceremony itself took place on a water platform at the scenic Strandzuid. As the guests settled in, the bridesmaids and groomsmen made their grand entrance, and Adam, the groom, was a bundle of nerves, visibly moved by the moment. This was a side of him that few had ever seen, given his usual cheerful and joking demeanor. But the moment Yeliz arrived by boat, his composure crumbled, and he couldn’t hold back the tears of joy. It was a touching and heartwarming sight, a testament to the power of love. Yeliz’s poem was the cherry on top of the cake to this romantic ceremony.

But fear not, for after the ceremony, Adam’s vivacious personality made a triumphant return, especially during the speeches. His groomsmen playfully roasted him with their hilarious and cheeky remarks, but Adam wasn’t one to back down. He dished out witty and uproarious roasts of his own, sparing no one, not even his beloved wife. Yet beneath the laughter and banter, it was clear that he was immensely grateful for the presence of all their loved ones on this special day.

Dinner kicked off with a bang, courtesy of a Turkish drum band that had everyone on their feet, even though they were already seated. The crowd gathered around the band, dancing on chairs, and letting loose. After a sumptuous meal, the room underwent a magical transformation. Tables and chairs were swiftly cleared away to make room for a disco floor and a glittering disco balls. As soon as the DJ dropped the first beat, the dance floor became a magnet, pulling everyone in like a force of nature. And there they stayed, grooving and dancing the night away until the venue reluctantly closed its doors. It was a night of laughter, love, and unforgettable memories, a celebration that will be etched in everyone’s hearts forever.

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