the big weird love celebration

Matt & Chelsea

The Big Weird Love Celebration

Picture this: Amsterdam, the city of canals and charm. Matt and Chelsea, two cool Americans. Googly eyes, lots of them. Weirdness in, rule books out. Surprises all day long. 150+ guests from basically all over America and beyond. Disco balls in all sizes. Live music and lots of dancing. We could continue to go on and on or you can simply watch their wedding film.

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The Story

The wedding of Chelsea and Matt was big, weird, magical and an absolute blast! Let’s take you back to the start. In order to introduce their guests to the life they’ve been living for the past 5 years in their beloved Amsterdam, Chelsea and Matt hosted multiple events during the days leading up to the big weird love celebration. From drinks at the park, to yoga, to a preparty with live band. They also made a map on google with all their favourite things to do, places to eat or bars to have a drink, so guests could go their own way through the city. Such a lovely personal touch!

The big weird love celebration (aka the wedding day) was nothing like any wedding you have ever been to. There was no traditional ceremony– instead, they decided to break the day into moments that kept everyone surprised and engaged. The styling of the venue was very colorful and funky, lots of disco balls and our personal favorite: the inflatable air dancing car sales man. As you would expect at a wedding called the big weird love celebration, the wedding attire was also untraditional. Guests showed up in the most fun and unique outfits, rocking sparkles, colors, glitters, feathers, and even tie-dye. And don’t even get me started on the googly eyes. Yep, you read that right. These two lovebirds adore googly eyes, and guests had a blast wearing stickers with those wobbly little things all over – on sunglasses, pregnant bellies, you name it! No fashion police in Amsterdam, only fashion freedom (the weirder the better)!

Now let’s talk wedding day. It all started at ‘ de Rode Hoed’ where guests gathered in the foyer. While the muppets song started screening on the televisions on the wall, a black and white checkered carpet was rolled out and Chelsea an Matt made their grand entrance. Their friend Fox kicked things off with a heartfelt speech, marking the start of this unconventional wedding extravaganza. Next up, they surprised everyone with a canal tour on boats – talk about a scenic twist! Matt and Chelsea’s boat took a pause at the picturesque “magere brug” (Skinny Bridge). They and their friends gathered on the bridge, toasting with champagne and oysters while the other boats filled with excited guests passed underneath, toasting to their love. The hype was real and even boats that weren’t part of the wedding got all excited, blowing their horns and cheering at the couple!

Back at the venue, there was a secret garden room with a cocktail bar and photo booth waiting to be discovered by the guests. Next up you’d expect the dinner. However, Chelsea and Matt decided to have a dance first. So as the theater-like hall opened everyone gathered at the dance floor before while the band kicked off. The speeches in between dinner courses really melted hearts, leading up to the magical vows exchanged by the happy couple.
Oh, and speaking of cake – they totally flipped the script with a cheese tower. Because who needs sweets when you can have cheesy goodness, right? We love it when couples decide to make decisions based on what THEY want instead of what’s common!

But the night didn’t finish after this at all, in true weir love celebration style, everyone gahtered outside for another part of the ceremony. Gathered by the canal, sparklers in hand, everyone surrounded Matt and Chelsea for another round of sweet words of friends and the I do’s and official kiss! But wait, there’s more! Ever seen the hora dance? Well, picture this: straight after the outdoor ceremony everyone went back inside. Matt, Chelsea, their parents, and everyone else – all lifted up on chairs, dancing to the beat of the hora song. It was like something out of a movie!

After this everyone danced like there was no tomorrow, and most people ended up at a real nice afterparty in the heart of Amsterdam.

All day the energy was electric, and you could feel the love for Matt and Chelsea in the air. I mean, seriously, who can pull off getting over 150+ Americans to fly across the ocean to celebrate love? These two did, and they did it with flair, style, and a whole lot of heart. This big weird love celebration was a day for the books, where unconventional became the new tradition, and where love truly knew no boundaries.

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